About me

An introduction to HappyHook and my love of crochet.
Introducing Sam

The face behind the hook!


Hi!  Me, who am I?
Now no one can answer that question in just a few mere words!  My brief synopsis goes like this:    My name is Sam and I live in Somerset. I am a stay at home Mum in a happy relationship with a very caring and loving man. I have a gorgeous son who amazes me (and drives me slightly nuts!) everyday. Crochet is a passion of mine, more so since the birth of my son; although I can still remember my Nan teaching me how to crochet when I was a child. Incidentally, I still have my first granny squares I made with her. Happy memories.

The ​​​​HappyHook journey;  
from hook to online shop.

My crochet journey began with being taught by my Nan from a young age.  I have always been a creative person but came back to crochet following the birth of my son.  I quickly discovered that crochet is an amazing outlet for creativity and (when going well) a great reliever of stress.​​

As my yarn collection and box of completed projects grew, I decided to look into selling online.  In 2013 I set up my first online shop on folksy.  I now have an outlet with Etsy. These shops now has a wide variety of items ranging in size and price. Although the online marketplace is a crowded one for a smaller seller, I have been fortunate to secure several sales and traffic to the shop is growing steadily.

Folksy and Etsy both have a strong focus on handmade items which makes them an ideal platform for my products. All are individual in some way and often they are one-off pieces. I have found both sites to be a good platform for selling as it has all the necessary tools for contacting buyers and managing orders through to dispatch.  My shop on Folksy is paypal integrated for secure payments and on Etssy I use there own payment system. which accepts most types of payments.

I am a regular contributor to the forum on folksy and have a facebook page dedicated to all things yarn and crochet!

What's next?  
Website and craft fairs.

With the development of my folksy shop to a range of over 70 items, I have now begun to think about the next stage in the ​HappyHook journey.  This website is one part of that, as I wanted a domain of my own where I had full control over the content and could show-case items, designs and patterns.  I plan to keep my sales through folksy for the time being.

The next development for the future will be creating a range of products more suited for craft fairs and beginning to sell to my customers face-to-face.  Just as there is always something new to try and create in the world of crochet, so there are always new opportunities to develop my business. I am excited to see where the next few years take me!
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