My Values​

A love of hand-crafted crochet, yarn in its many types and the inspiration that comes from marrying these with original and classic crochet patterns to produce something unique and beautiful.
HappyHook's   Story


HappyHook follows a long and inspiring tradition of craft, wool and cottage industry spanning hundreds of years. The wool industry pre-industrial revolution was largely home-based as was the production of items from the spun and dyed wool.

Times have changed but the hand-crafting of beautiful items has not.  There is an increasing recognition and appreciation for hand-made items that have been crafted with love and skill.  

HappyHook items are not produced for any other reason than they inspire their maker. One of the reasons you will find few items the same in the shop is because each crochet project is special.  Once complete, it leads organically on to something new and so a HappyHook crochet item will generally be unique to you.

HappyHook is proud of the products and of the tradition they come from.  May they also bring similar pleasure to you.


HappyHook items are crafted and hooked from a selection of different yarns to match their purpose and design. Heavy-use items, such as baby blankets, need to be washable and so an acrylic or acrylic/wool blend is used. For premium items, a range of 100% wools have been used including "artisan" yarns.  These are a particular pleasure to work with and, being hand-dyed, create stunning and unique items.

No-one can have a passion for crochet and not have an equal passion for wool and yarn. Indeed, the size of a typical "yarn stash" is a standing joke among crocheters and knitters alike.  It is the transformation from ball or skein into a beautiful finished item that provides the enormous creative satisfaction from crochet as an activity.

Many of the crochet scarves and shawls take their name and inspiration from the yarn used to make them.  Other patterns have been chosen for their design and then matched with a yarn that will best suit them.
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Each crochet shawl, blanket, scarf, cushion or item has a creative inspiration behind it.  In many cases, these are produced or adapted from patterns available online or through publications.  These patterns invariably have a story attached as to how the designer came to create them.

Out of respect for this process, HappyHook always acknowledges the designer by name in the shop listings. Likewise, where one person's design has formed the basis of a product adapted in-house that initial inspiration is also fully credited.

HappyHook firmly believes that yarn finds the form it wants.  Some items refuse to work in one yarn, then look stunning in another.  This is not an unusual source of inspiration; carpenters will seek the most suited wood to their task just as artists will pick a medium that matches subject matter.

Colour, texture, motif, yarn and design all play a part in inspiring the finished product.