Yarn Barf

Some crochet humour for fellow yarn enthusiasts! 

Understanding Crochet Lingo!

This area is just for a bit of fun! Ever wondered what all the crochet lingo was and, more importantly, what it actually means? Well, wonder no more!​
CIP:  ​Crochet in public, Oh the shame of it!

FO:  Finished Object.

FOTH:  Fresh of the hook.  Just finished making an item.

FROG: When a current item is being undone and ripped (rip-it rip-it) back to previous rows or the beginning usually because you made a mistake!

HOTH:  Hot of the hook. Just finished making an item.

PHD: Projects half done.  Now I have a few of those!

UFO: Unfinished Object

WIP: Work in progress

YARN BARF:  A ball or cake of yarn is used from the inside out to stop it rolling all over the floor. 'Yarn barf' is when pulling out the centre it pulls out a large tangled mess of yarn that needs detangling instead of an easy to use strand. unfortunately this happens a lot to me ....

Crochet Fun Pictures

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